Mayfield Birds of Prey is open every day by appointment only.

Bookings can be taken from 9.30 a.m onwards until approximately 4.00 p.m. Please note, times can be extended in the summer months

We are situated in the historic grounds of Kilmacthomas Work Houses which were built in the 1800s during the great famine and operated up to 1919.

Many of these buildings can still be seen to date in their original setting including the church, morgue and graveyard.

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Mobile: 086-2134367 William

    087-3559876 Bridget

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Mayfield Birds of Prey

Kilmacthomas Centre Workhouses, Union Road, Kilmacthomas , Co.Waterford

086-2134367 (Willie)
087-3559876 (Bridget)

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